LK4 Government Sales Channel

To facilitate government sales activities, LK4 Technology has been granted a GSA Advantage contract GS35F0147X at

A GSA Advantage contract is not an endorsement of any given technology, but it is a means of streamlining sales to federal government agencies. Federal buyers are always guaranteed “Most Favored Customer” prices and terms. State institutions may also take advantage of the best customer terms by citing the GSA pricing.

LK4 primarily distributes our own Virtual branded products through this sales channel. However, LK4 can offer your company two ways to capitalize on our government sales channel expertise:

  1. LK4 Can Represent Your Company

    A government sales contract requires an exclusivity clause and in some case creation of a “branded” version of your technology.

  2. Your Own GSA Advantage Contract

    LK4 can assist in preparation of your government sales channel contract. The application is 425 pages and also requires an extensive examination of your business practices and customer satisfaction.

If you would like LK4 to help represent your technology to government buyers, please request information from our “Contact Us” page.