Virtual Compliance Officers/ Virtual Cyber Sleuth/LK4 Technology Corp.

Cyber Forensics-
Technical Software Representation

LK4 Technology Corp. 

Virtual Divisions:

  • Virtual Cyber Sleuth
  • Virtual Compliance Officers
  • Virtual Tech Rep

Cyber Security Consultants/Technical Software Representation

Cyber-Forensics, e-Discovery, and Technical Software Representation

LK4 Technology Corp serves as a contract holding entity for its various Virtual Technology Divisions. Our core competencies include:

  • Information security compliance - Virtual Compliance Officers/Virtual Cyber Sleuth
    • For more than a decade, LK4 has provided documentation and training for GLBA, Safeguards, Red Flag, Sarbox, and CIP.   
    • We have recently added cyber-forensics and e-Discovery to our menu of services.
  • Technical software representation - Virtual Tech Rep/Virtual508
    • Using our sales expertise we open new market verticals and help build distribution networks.

Cyber Security Solutions

Please review our Cyber Forensics/Virtual Compliance Officers Page.

Check Our References

When you receive a Ransomware threat or a Notice of Breach, you will need to act quickly. LK4 will provide credentials for your general counsel to review, so that we can respond quickly to your emergency. Just follow the "Check Our References" link.

Preventing/Minimizing a Breach

Network Security

81% of breaches occur due to employee misuse or misconduct, according to the Verizon Annual Cyber-security report.

LK4 emphasizes employee training to minimize this threat. We use use pro-active tools including 'Fake Phishing" to identify repeat offenders.

Technical Software Representation

LK4 has represented a wide range of software technologies.  

  • Business process software 
  • Modelling and simulation codes
  • Math and Physics including Computation Electromagnetics

In many cases we have identified profitable markets that the authors had never considered.

Cyber Security Incident Response

If the worst happens, inform your attorney and contact us on our Breach Hotline:

 (877) 217-4678 

Check Our References

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